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How EB Started


Ever since I could remember even as a child, I was always interested in foods that I could put on my skin and hair. So I would try anything that felt oily, smooth or slippery. For example; okra, oatmeal, eggs, mango, all types of bananas, honey, wheat germ, papaya, mayonnaise, avocado and aloe vera and also a variety of herbs like mint and herbal teas. I also loved citrus fruits for the oils that came from the skin; I would rub it directly on my face and body and enjoyed its aroma. In those days, we didn't have access to internet, so everything I did was inspired by God, (and I didn't know it at the time) I had no idea of its benefits. Over time, it became an on and off relationship with my hair experiments.


I knew since then I wanted to make a product that provides information and solutions about hair from a grass roots perspective.  If you're around my age (51) then maybe you could remember someone like your mother, grandmother and or aunts, who shared or talked about a recipe that derived from the kitchen, yes?  But it didn't have an attractive packaging and aroma that made us believers.  So commercials did us in.  We didn't understand that what we were looking at would not help all of us because it was not design for our hair type.


About January 2012, my sister was in the hospital and while there, she was not able to get her hair shampooed or combed. (I had just returned from Uganda from a mission to feed, clothe, shelter and educate God's people, which by the way was successful).  After visiting with my sister at the hospital, she requested that I maintain her hair care while she was in the hospital.  Well, on my next visit I brought my shampoo and conditioner, oil and pom'made. We were not under the best circumstances. I used a bowl and a wash cloth. I would wet the hair, apply shampoo and detangle while the hair was being nourished by its ingredients. My method is the same that I've used on my children’s hair many years ago. Section the hair in four quadrants and each section divided again either in 2 to 3 sections. Applying everything in that order, so when the hair is completely finished it remain in those sections giving you control of your hair. You have less control when hair is all over your head thick and full of elasticity. A defining moment for my sister was seen  at the very end of her moisturizing hair treatment that the excess hair that came out was insignificant and the complements that followed from the nurses.


In November 2012, my sister Deborah Kelley-Chance approached me about doing a Hair Forum.  She wanted to give me a platform to showcase my hair line products. I really didn't understand what I had in my hands until I was preparing my products for the event and I called my sister-in-law Ruth and told her that I actually created a complete hair line of products that God inspired me to create: a shampoo, conditioner, gel, a hot oil treatment, and hair pom'made.  This was a defining moment for me. After successfully participating in the Hair Forum that was held in our local Community Center, (I would like to acknowledge Deborah Kelley-Chance, Candace Chance, Pam Moore for making this all happen), people began calling and making appointments for me to provide demonstrations of the product.  I believed that talking about the product is one thing, but experiencing it is so much better. It has been very effective and I have seen and heard various testimonies from those who have tried the products.  People are saying: "easy to manage", "my hair is kept moisturized longer than I expected" to "my hair is so conditioned and healthy", Oh! And, it “smells so good." I was excited!


My heart's desire is to provide an honest product that will speak for itself because after all, God created, trees, herbs and all of his creation, and when he was finished, he said that "it was good." I didn't say it, he did. No argument from me. I knew my products were good, but how good was the question.  I lacked the confidence that what God gave me was an excellent idea for a complete hair product line that would not only meet my need and family's need, but others as well. The ingredients are nature's best; Aloe Vera, Chia Seed, Flax Seed, Essentials oils, Oils and good fats such as Coconut and Shea Butters, light and heavy oils such as Castor oil, Olive oil, Grape Seed oil, Almond oil etc.  Coconut is one of nature's best food for both inside and out. So, I use the oil and the cream as a conditioner.  This hair system is designed to nourish, provide manageability, shine, and detangle stressed hair. EB Essential Beauty Now was birth in my kitchen.  The ingredients are made from nature's best foods that are digestible, and for topical uses. (Please note digestible without adding essential oils. Essential oils are toxic to the body if digested). The essential oil, cloves and Epsom salt, is what I use as a natural preservative.  No preservatives that is chemically based and harmful to you and your family.


Please join me today, in rediscovering nature's best foods and all its fascinating uses and benefits and see results immediately. I am not an expert in the area of hair care neither am I, a licensed cosmetologist, I am just sharing information that I've learned and experienced with this product and others who have had excellent results from using it. The claims mentioned on this website are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, doctor or scientist. I am sharing all of my experiences with you that have been rewarding to me and my family and others.


I also encourage you to do your own research, like I've done and still doing.  Information is power, but it is powerless, if it is not used. Once again, welcome to EB Essential Beauty Now! A place where you can get all your hair care needs at one stop. God bless you and I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.


Elizabeth A. Chance-Bobb, Owner


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